Team Cambridge Cycling Club

Team Cambridge Club Constitution


Revised November 2014



The club shall be called Team Cambridge and referred to herein-after as "the Club"


The objectives of the Club are the promotion and encouragement of:

a. Cycling in general.
b. Cycle racing as defined and controlled by the following bodies:

    British Cycling (BC)
    Cycling Time Trials (CTT)


The business of the Club shall be managed by the Honorary President and the Executive Committee. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and the Officers of the Club and six Club members.

a. The Officers are:

    MTB Secretary
b. All members of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM.
c. The Executive Committee shall normally meet every six weeks on a date agreed by the Committee.
d. The quorum for an Executive Committee shall be six.
e. The Executive Committee shall have the power of co-option.
f. The Executive Committee shall have the power to act as it may deem expedient in any matter which is not provided for in this Constitution.
g. The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel any member.


The AGM shall normally be held in the month of November following at least one months written notice to members by the General Secretary. A quorum shall be one third of the voting membership. An audited balance sheet shall be produced at the AGM .The auditor shall be elected at the AGM


An EGM shall be called within twenty eight days of receiving a written request signed by six Club members of any grade of membership. The request must state the resolution to be discussed and no other business may be transacted at this meeting. The quorum shall be one third of the voting membership.


The membership is open to all, and shall be divided in to the following grades:

Honorary President: This position is open to any First Claim or Associate members and is a figure head position.

Honorary Life Vice Presidents: This is the highest honour which the Club can be bestow to a member and has the power of vote.

First Claim Members: They are entitled to wear Club colours and to compete for the Club in any Club, Open or association event. They may challenge for Club Championships and may hold any office in the Club and have the power of vote. They must relinquish all trophies upon resignation from the Club even if they retain second claim membership

Second Claim Members: They are not allowed to compete in any Open or Association event for the Club, and are not eligible for any Club Trophy, nor hold any Club office, but may compete in any Club events and do not have the power of vote.

Associate Members: They are not allowed to compete in any Club, Open or association event, nor be a First Claim Member of any other cycling club, but may hold any Club office and have the power of vote.

Day Members: They are not allowed to compete in any Open or Association event for the Club, and are not eligible for any Club Trophy, nor hold any Club office. They may compete in Club events upon payment of the Day Membership fee. There is no limit on the number of rides they can have. They will be entitled to a discount for the Day Membership fees paid, up to a maximum of two days fee upon joining the Club as a First Claim Member. They do not have the power of vote. Fees are listed in Schedule A.


a. Honorary President shall be elected at an AGM or EGM.
b. Honorary Life Vice President shall be elected at an AGM or EGM.
c. Chairperson of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM or EGM and shall have a minimum of 2 years membership as a first claim or associate member with the Club.
d. The election of other grades of membership shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
e. Membership subscriptions and rejoining fees shall be fixed at the AGM. A list of the current rates forms Schedule A of the rules.
f. A new member who joins after 1st October will continue to be a member until 31st December the following year.
g. Subscriptions become due to the Membership Secretary on the 1st January. If a member's subscription is unpaid by 31st January the member shall be deemed to have resigned from the Club.
h. Any member who is due to receive a trophy at the annual presentation must have already paid his/her Club subscription for the forthcoming year.


These shall be conducted in accordance with the regulations laid down in the current CTT and BC handbooks, which may be seen on application to the Racing Secretary.
Any member wishing to promote an Open or semi-Open event must first obtain the approval of the Club Committee.


These are specified in Schedule B.


These are specified in Schedule C and shall remain the property of the Club at all times.


These shall be maintained separately for men and women in such categories and covering such distances or time periods as is decided from time to time by the Executive Committee. No persons under the age of twelve years may compete. The jointly agreed BC and CTT definition of 'JUVENILE', 'JUNIOR' and 'VETERAN' shall apply.

Record Claims may be made for any Team Cambridge Club, Open or Association event ridden by a first claim member. All claims must be made in writing to the Secretary, except in the case of an event promoted by the Club. The claimant must submit either the official result sheet or a statement signed by the Timekeeper or the organiser of the event.

The definitions of the categories are:


Records are open to only those who have passed their twelfth birthday but have not reached their sixteenth birthday on the day of the event.


Records may be competed for until the 31st December of the year that their eighteenth birthday occurs and who are no longer a 'JUVENILE'.


Records are open to those who are forty years old or over on the day of the event.


Records are open to all those who are not defined above.


Handicap times will be determined from a riders' the fastest time for the appropriate distance or course in any Club event. The fastest time shall be taken during the current or the preceding season in any Club event. Where a member has not ridden the distance or course, a time is to be calculated based on the closest cClub bronze standard pro-rata to the event distance.

All handicap times shall be determined from the Team Cambridge Handicap tables using the appropriate 10, 25 or 6-18 miles for circuit events, which are to be based on the CTT tables. For circuit events a riders' best time over a 'slow 10 course' shall be used to determine their handicap. The 'slow 10 course' shall be based on the Bottisham E33/10 10m TT or other course as may be agreed by the Club Executive Committee.

Team Cambridge Handicap Tables


To encourage Club members in their riding the Club has a standards awards scheme. There are 3 Target times over various distances in each class, Solo, Tandem, Trikes etc. A gold, silver or bronze medal will be awarded for achieving or bettering the standard times.

Rides in any Open, Association or Team Cambridge Club event will be eligible towards the standards. All class and distances to be competed for need to be registered with the Racing Secretary before any events ridden can be considered. Under 18 members are eligible for the class and standards relating to their age at the time of registration, these target times will remain in place for the remainder of the year.

There will be no swapping of registered entries between classes or distances part way through the season. At the end of the season, an event result sheet for each standard claimed must be forwarded to the Racing Secretary to verify the claim. Tables of target times for varying classes, distances etc. will be maintained at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


Proposed additions or deletions to these rules shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than one calendar month before an AGM or at an EGM.

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