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Marshalling Duties 2017
To make sure the club can provide the Wednesday club event schedule (and keep within the rules) we do need a few volunteers to help with the marshalling.

So please if everyone can all cover an event or two then we can spread the burden. With the number of riders in the club it should only be two events per rider. Please let the Racing SecretarySend e-mail to the Race Secretary know which event you prefer to cover.
Note for marshals, to assist the smooth running it would be greatly appreciated if the marshal can collect the signs at the previous weeks event or arrange to collect them from the outgoing marshal.

Last updated - 24 May 2017

Date Course Location Marshal
8 Jan E33/10 Bottisham Eric Tapley
9 Apr E33/10 Bottisham - (InterClub) Tony Clarke
12 Apr E2/07 Newton Tom Lemon
19 Apr E33/10 Bottisham Steve Laurie
26 Apr E33/10 Bottisham Tony Clarke
3 May E33/13 Bottisham Peter Millard
10 May F16/10 Barton Trevor Kimber
17 May F2/10 CAM Hardwick-Cambourne-Madingley Steve Laurie
24 May F2/10 CAM Hardwick-Cambourne-Madingley Charles Tallack
31 May F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet Charles Tallack
7 Jun F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet Ralph Hancock
14 Jun Ashley A BS/34 Ashley-Newmarket CC Not Required
21 Jun F2A/25 Hardwick-Caxton-Madingley  
28 Jun F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet Charles Tallack
5 Jul E33/25 Club Bottisham Kevin Parker
12 Jul F2/10 CAX Hardwick-Caxton Gibbet John Blayney
15 Jul Open 10 F2D/10 Cambourne-Madingley 15 marshals needed
19 Jul F2/10 CAM Hardwick-Cambourne-Madingley Peter Millard
26 Jul F2/10 CAM Hardwick-Cambourne-Madingley Trevor Kimber
2 Aug E2/07 Newton Eric Tapley
9 Aug F16/10 Barton Trevor Avis
16 Aug E33/10 Bottisham Ralph Hancock
23 Aug E33/10 Bottisham Trevor Avis
30 Aug FHC/4 Barrington Not Required
3 Sept E33/10 Bottisham - (InterClub) Tony Clarke
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